Cycle Gets — Bulgaria
Alloy Frame Manufacturing

Made in Bulgaria

The Company

  • A start-up company specializing in production of alumnum bicycle frames
  • Production equipment like hydroforming and laser cutting allowing the supply of complex products
  • A starting capacity of 250,000 frames per annum situated in the heart of Europe
  • Close proximity and easy access to large assembly facilities


  • To be the European supplier of choice for high quality aluminum bicycle frames and to improve our clients' financial performance by affecting positively their supply chain process.

Location & Capacity

  • Production facility located in Sofia, Bulgaria
    — 14km from the airport
    — 5km from the city center
  • 10 days transport to the most distant point in Europe
  • 250 000 units maximum capacity with a quick expansion option
  • Production area of 6000 sq.m. with easy transport access

Cycle Gets Product Facility

10 days
250 000 units
6 000 sq.m.

The Team

  • Anton Nastev

    — CEO Operations, Chief engineer & Shareholder. MSc from Eindhoven University of Technology

  • Borislav Hristov

    — CEO Finance. Graduated from the American University in Bulgaria.

  • Alexander Davidkov

    — Supply Chain Manager & Shareholder. MSc graduated from Technical University of Sofia.

  • Preslav Georgiev

    — CFO. Graduated from the Aberystwyth-National University Wales.


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